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Croatian Summer School pics pt.2?

Roushan, Behnaz, and I. August Orientation Reunion! BWC

Behnaz and Badi

Behnaz & her dad
It’s love!

It’s Lady GaGa! Congratulations Behnaz on the gigantic unexpected ice cream sculpture! ;p

Dinner with the friends at the summer school

Badi trying to be part of the family.. Not so convincing

Now this is the Family!

I don’t know what’s going on but it looks funny (: Robin & Adel talking?


A shout out to Jenia, my Ukrainian seester!

It’s been hard to write for the last week in a half while I was in Croatia and so much happened. I had the most amazing time. It was unbelievably difficult to leave but I know adventure awaits!
So I guess I’ll just put some pictures up of my trip and write a few captions.
Here it goes.

My arrival

City Center.
I studied this cathedral in my art history class and stumbled upon it by accident! Too cool!

Croatian Bahai Summer School (:

1..2..3.. NINJA!

(Behnaz is too cute)


First things first. I went to Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Miami Beach!
Went swimming - Warm water, clear ocean, so relaxing.

Evan & I after our swim waiting for Jaspar to bring the car down.

Since I have to sit in the car by myself in the back, why not take pics??

Later that night we had Bahai 19 Day Feast with the community.
Sorry, I forgot to take pictures.

The next day the family went to Howley’s for a dinner together. Groovy.

Arts & Crafts with Jaspar & Shirin

Jaspar had to work during the day so I had drawn a self-portrait with colored pencil.

Jaspar and I did our nails in the night. We were trying out gradient effects.

We got up early on my last day and went to breakfast in Del Ray. Pretty city.
Poached eggs with salmon for me!

Jaspar thought it would be fun to go to a bird store…

(She paralyzed the bird!)

I got on the plane. This was my view.

My hearts as big as Texas.

Sushi for dinner. (: My favorite.

Finally Home! Home sweet Home!

But only for one night..

Waterfall Wtrfll!  #roadtrip #coast  (Taken with Instagram)

Waterfall Wtrfll! #roadtrip #coast (Taken with Instagram)

#pond at #prayerisland  (Taken with Instagram)

#pond at #prayerisland (Taken with Instagram)

Lunch break (Taken with Instagram)

Lunch break (Taken with Instagram)

#roadtrip to #bosch #bahai school, listening to #queen  (Taken with Instagram)

#roadtrip to #bosch #bahai school, listening to #queen (Taken with Instagram)